Up your game for less…refresh your indoor and outdoor lifestyle for a fraction of retail!

Join us for Las Vegas’ premier 4-day POP-UP event.

Earn Money$

• You keep 65% of what your items sell for!

• Register & enter your items online.

• Checks mailed within 1 week.

• We sell it for you. No haggling + no strangers coming to your house.

• Deadline for entering items online is Sunday, May 12 at 10pm

All Things Home, Sport, & Outdoor at a Fraction of Retail!

From the creators of As They Grow Consignment

BUY and SELL in just 4 days!






Save Money$

1000’s of new and gently-used items:


• Decor
• Holiday
• Kitchen
• Small Appliances


• Camping
• Off-Roading
• Hunting
• Cycling


• Field
• Water
• Snow
• Indoor

Why Sell

Earn 65% of what your items sell for.

Shop before the public (best selection and prices) at our Consignor PreSale on Wednesday 1-8pm. You will get 2 PreSale passes when you drop off your items. Share one with a friend. Shop even earlier on Tuesday by working a volunteer shift (or two;). Cash your BIG FAT earnings check! And enjoy your clutter-free life! Checks are mailed within 1 week of the sale.

Item Prep, Price and Tag

Prep: Prepare your items by cleaning, organizing and packaging. A well presented item will sell quickly.  All small parts must be well packaged. If selling a set, all items must be included and packaged together.  Do not use packing tape over wood or decorative items. Use Magic Eraser to remove scuff marks. Tooth brushes are great for small corners.  All items must be in New or Gently-Used condition.  Out of date items will not be accepted.

Price your items to sell! Minimum price per item is $2. Full dollar increments only.  Suggested selling price is 50% to 80% off of retail. We strongly recommend discounting your items for the last 2 days of the sale (25% off day and 50% of day)

All items marked for donation will automatically be discounted in the system.

Keep in mind…

  • The #1 reason for things not selling is the price is too high. Price them to sell!

Tag:  All items must have an ATG Pop-Up bar coded tag attached.  Large items will require 2 tags; print a duplicate tag at home. Attach tags using packing tape, zip ties, pins or plastic wrap. If an item has multiple pieces/parts, notate on tag, and secure to primary item.

How to Sell

  1. Register, pay $15 online & choose a drop off appointment. (Deadline to enter items: May 12 @10pm)
  2. Prep, tag & price your items according to instructions. PREPARE your sale items by cleaning and organizing to make them look as close to new as possible.  Log in with your consignor number and password. Enter your sale items into the inventory & tagging system. Print your bar coded tags and attach them to your items.  Carefully read through the Prep, Price & Tag instructions & What Can I Sell guidelines.  Any items that don’t meet our sale guidelines will not be not accepted at drop off.
  3. Drop off your items at the sale location during your Drop Off appointment. DROP OFF your prepared & organized items at the sale during your designated Drop Off appointment time. To sign up for a Drop Off appointment, log into your consignor page and choose Drop Off from menu.
  4. Pick-up your unsold items (or even better, donate to charity) during designated Pick Up hours. PICK UP your unsold items at the end of the sale. Although we strongly recommend donating any unsold items, we understand wanting items back if they do not sell.We will be happy to donate them for you to local charities that serve families in need. Any items that haven’t been picked up by the end of the Pick Up time will be donated to charity.

Drop Off


  • Consignors will be dropping off items at multiple check in stations around the store, please organize your items by station: Testing Station, Kitchen, Decor, Sport, Outdoor, Holiday.
  • If you are consigning anything that uses power, take those items to the Testing Station FIRST.
  • Consignors MUST make a drop off appointment. To make drop off apt login into your Consignor account. Drop Off appointments are every 15 minutes.
  • Drop Off will take place at the sale location. Be prepared to put ALL of your items out on the sales floor.

What to Sell

All items must be in New or Gently-Used condition. Complete with all parts and fully functional. Items intended to be in a complete set should come in a complete set. They need to be clean and free from any wear and tear. Electrical items will need to be tested at drop off.  

General Categories:

Small Furniture

Complete List of What to Bring/What Not to Bring

Pick Up

Consignors will collect their own items at  pick up and check out with a team member prior to leaving the building.


  • Allow one hour for Pick Up (more if you have a lot of unsold items)
  • Be prepared to show I.D. at the check-in table.
  • If picking up each unsold item is important to you, please print & bring a copy of your Unsold Items Report (make sure your inventory report is accurate though, no fun looking for something you never dropped off!). Sales reports updated by 5:00pm on Sunday.
  • Pick up is Monday from 12-3pm & 4-7pm and Tuesday from 10am-1pm.
  • Merchandise not picked up by the end of Pick Up (Tuesday at 1:00pm) will become the property of ATG Pop-Up and will be donated to charity.
  • Please bring a wagon, bin, basket, etc. to help you collect your items.

Sending someone else? If you’re unable to make the scheduled Pick Up time, you can make arrangements to have someone else pick up your items for you. Email us at Pop-up@astheygrowsale.com with “Pick Up Substitute” in the subject line and let us know who will be picking up your items. They’ll need your consignor # and ideally your Unsold Items Report so they know what to Pick Up. We only release checks to spouses with same last name.


  • Shop early! Work a volunteer shift and get into the Volunteer Pre-Sale on Wednesday at 3-8pm. Sign up via your consignor account.
  • Savvy shoppers bring a large shopping bag, basket or wagon.
  • No shopping carts available.
  • Protect your items...we do not offer shopping bags, wrapping paper or boxes.  To transport your items home, come prepared.
  • Purchasing large items is simple!
  • Large items will have a “Large Item Claim Ticket” attached to them. To purchase, simply remove the bottom portion of the ticket and present at check out.
  • It’s not ideal to bring children to consignment sales events (due to the high volume of shoppers).
  • However, if you must, we recommend using a stroller or baby carrier.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & cash. All sales are final; products are purchased “as is”.
  • Please inspect all items prior to checking out. TESTING STATION AVAILABLE.
  • Check out our LAST DAY SALE on Sunday for 50% off many items.
  • 50% off items are marked with (any color) dot on the tag. Please check out the event calendar.


Interested in being a Vendor? Click here.
Additional questions email: advertisepop-up@astheygrowsale.com

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